U-571 (2000)
Front Cover Actor
Matthew McConaughey Lt. Andrew Tyler, Executive Officer
Bill Paxton Lt. Cmdr. Mike Dahlgren
Harvey Keitel CPO Henry Klough
Jon Bon Jovi Lt. Pete Emmett, Chief Engineer
David Keith Maj. Matthew Coonan, USMC, Office of Naval Intelligence
Thomas Kretschmann Capt.-Lt. Gunther Wassner
Jake Weber Lt. Hirsch, USNR
Jack Noseworthy Seaman Bill Wentz, Radioman
Tom Guiry Seaman Ted 'Trigger' Fitzgerald, Radioman
Will Estes Seaman Ronald 'Rabbit' Parker, Torpedoman
Movie Details
Genre Action; Drama; War
Director Jonathan Mostow
Producer Dino De Laurentiis; Martha Schumacher
Writer Jonathan Mostow
Studio Universal Studios
Language English
Audience Rating PG-13
Running Time 116 mins
Country USA
Color Color
A German submarine is boarded by disguised American submariners trying to capture their Enigma cipher machine.

Taut and gripping, U-571 follows the exploits of a fictional team of World War II U.S. submariners who undertake a secret mission to capture a German Enigma machine to decode German documents. Writer-director Jonathan Mostow (Breakdown) tells an intense, economical tale, reminiscent of the best classic war films, while infusing it with modern sentiments.

Spring 1942: A crew of young submarine sailors are on a much-needed 48-hour liberty when they're suddenly called together and engaged in an expedition. At the helm are Lieutenant Commander Mike Dahlgren (Bill Paxton), Lieutenant Andrew Tyler (Matthew McConaughey), and Chief Klough (Harvey Keitel). Other pivotal crew members include Tyler's Annapolis pal Lieutenant Pete Emmett (Jon Bon Jovi, proving his acting mettle) and Lieutenant Hirsch (Jake Weber), who, along with Marine Major Coonan (David Keith), organizes the mission. As much of the movie takes place in a submarine during WWII, there are inevitable comparisons with the technical masterpiece Das Boot, but Mostow's masterfully shot tale can hold its own.

McConaughey's Tyler is believably earnest as he comes to grips with the reality, tragedy, and consequence of being in command. While this explosion-filled film consistently maintains its tense pace (as did the underrated Breakdown), it also presents with surprising restraint a genuine human story--and the remarkable journey of an unexpected hero. --N.F. Mendoza

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Format DVD
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Screen Ratio 2.35 Letterboxed
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Release Date 2004
Subtitles English
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