Air Force One (1997)
Front Cover Actor
Harrison Ford President James Marshall
Gary Oldman Ivan Korshunov
Glenn Close Vice President Kathryn Bennett
Wendy Crewson Grace Marshall
Liesel Matthews Alice Marshall
Paul Guilfoyle Chief of Staff Lloyd 'Shep' Shepherd
Xander Berkeley Secret Service Agent Gibbs
William H. Macy Maj. Caldwell
Dean Stockwell Defense Secretary Walter Dean
Tom Everett National Security Advisor Jack Doherty
Movie Details
Genre Action; Drama; Thriller
Director Wolfgang Petersen
Producer Armyan Bernstein; Gail Katz
Writer Andrew W. Marlowe
Studio Columbia TriStar
Language English
Audience Rating R (Restricted)
Running Time 124 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Hijackers seize the plane carrying the President of the United States and his family, but he (an ex-soldier) works from hiding to defeat them.

You know that old dramatic principle of suspension of disbelief? You'll have to rely on it for this box-office smash, but you won't be disappointed. Harrison Ford plays a U.S. president who single-handedly employs his rigid antiterrorism policy when a band of Russian thugs hatch a mid-flight takeover of Air Force One. Gary Oldman, who chews the scenery as the lead terrorist, will shoot a hostage at the slightest provocation. Glenn Close plays the sternly pragmatic vice president who negotiates with Oldman from her Washington seat of power. If you can believe that the aircraft's pressurized cabin can sustain hundreds of rounds of machine-gun fire, you'll buy anything in this entertaining potboiler, especially thanks to Ford's stalwart heroics and some nifty special effects. Director Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot) keeps the action moving so fast you won't be sweating the details. Don't forget your parachute! --Jeff Shannon
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Product Details
Format DVD
Region Region 1
Screen Ratio 1.33 (4:3)
2.35 Letterboxed
Layers Dual side, Single layer
UPC 043396718890
Chapters 35
Release Date 2003
Subtitles English; French; Spanish
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Dolby Digital Surround 2.0 - English
Dolby Digital Surround - English, Director's Comments
Stereo - French
Stereo - Spanish
Nr of Disks/Tapes 2
2 Sided Disc, one is Full Screen, one is Wide Scree.
Extra Features
Color Closed-captioned Dolby Widescreen